Top 5 Best Car Amplifiers Review to Buy in 2016

Top 5 Best Car Amplifiers Review to Buy in 2016 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

car amplifiers reviews: There are many people around us who believe that the stereo which comes along with their car is more than enough, trust me, it isn’t! You can have really good stereo sound with this amplifiers, but cannot with those typical one’s which come along with your car. So now let’s get started with our review.

Best Car Audio Amplifiers Review:-

1. JL Audio Slash Series V3 Amplifiers:-

JL Audio Slash Series V3 Car Amplifier Review

This has been originated from JL, and probably this is one of the best selling Amplifier. The Slash Series in the JL are built solidly, and made to last long. These comes with small tweaks and also with the best manufacturing materials. Now the all new monoblocks are 20% more powerful than all the old generations of amplifiers, and the best part is the newly patented class D output circuit.

Now all these Slash Series comes along with something called as the JL audio R.I.P.S (Regulated Intelligent Power Supply) technology. That being said, all these systems maintains consistent power over wide range of batteries. This has also got thermal protection feature, which means you can use this Amplifier under any climatic situation.

2. Audison Voce Series Amplifiers:-

Audison has built good reputation over the time being. It’s been very popular for building high quality and high performance car products with the best technology available. If you are a music lover and you want to get into the Amplifiers world, then probably this is the best product, Audison Voce Series. These series are simply the legends, and the sound quality is really crisp and awesome.Audison Voce Series car audio AmplifiersThese Amplifiers comes along with some of the great features such as the ability to combine both the digital and analog technology, these Amplifiers are really good if your just getting started, and you want to have some decent and good sound.

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3. Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplifiers:-

All the Amplifiers in the prime series are the best, they are built with an durable platform and also with an innovative and sleek design which is really good. It is clean, powerful, and gives you the best performance. There is an process called as the MESHA, which basically allows heat dissipate across the whole amp.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Car Amplifiers

The differential input reduces the electric distortion and which can be easily transferred to all your input cables. So the combination of all these things result in an amplifier with minimum distortion. This amplifier comes along with incredible heat distribution and high power of output at an consistent rate. The performance of this Amplifier is really good.

4. Kenwood Excelon X Series Amplifiers:-

If I need to describe Kenwood in 3 words, that would be compact, reliable and tough! The sound quality from the Kenwood Excelon X series is really fantastic, the sound output is clear even at high output. This amplifier is equipped with all the latest technology, such as audio amplification, audio tuning, crossover, high voltage and the settings for equalizer as well.

Kenwood Excelon X Series Car Amplifiers

It’s really compact, it’s easy to install and it can be placed even at small areas. Now as it is small and compact, don’t think that it has got less features. It’s an efficient heat dissipation design which is combined with an intelligent cooling system which basically makes the amplifier more efficient and easily handle anything without an problems of overheating.

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5. Alpine PDX Series Amplifiers:-

Like the Kenwood, even the Alpine PDX series amplifiers are really compact. This is basically a class-D amp which is placed on a mere 2” tall frame. The design, of the Alpine PDX series comes along with an very efficient heat distribution system and also this will disperse all the heat to the heatsinks to cool down the entire stack.

Alpine PDX Series Car Amplifiers Review

But, the best feature of Alpine PDX series is the control and connector design. The connections can be easily popped out and this will basically help in the easy installation and removal of the Amplifier. It has got the sound controls in the front, which is an advantage.


Now these are the best car amplifiers which we have picked, trust me your traditional car speakers cannot get you good stereo sound, now you might be wondering that we have gave you 5 best car amplifiers, which one should I buy? If I have to choose, I would personally go with the Kenwood Excelon X Series Amplifiers. Liked this article? Subscribe to our newsletters and get more reviews like this right into your mail.

Top 10* Best Car Speakers to Buy in 2015 – Reviews

Top 10* Best Car Speakers to Buy in 2015 – Reviews 4.55/5 (90.91%) 33 votes

Driving has become a chronic activity in everyone’s life in this present competitive world. In this big world, it seems to be a small new world inside, for people who use cars regularly. The experience of driving car can become more enjoyable and great with the playing music dominating the traffic noise and outside turbulence. Soothing music can definitely make driving more relaxing and peaceful which makes the destination seen shorter.

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The quality of sound system used in car decides the quality of the music played. The factory speakers installed by the car manufacturers are of poor quality and are minimal engineered. The car manufacturers concentrate on only upgrading the vehicle engineering and not the accessories. Hence, the factory speakers cannot produce efficient sound quality and after a course of time they sound sleazy and filthy at high frequencies.
It is better to upgrade your car sound system to branded/Aftermarket speakers from factory speakers to experience quality listening. Branded or after-market speakers are those sound systems that are creatively engineered to enhance the sound quality. Branded speakers can deliver sounds, voice and music bits more clearly at both high and low frequencies. They can produce more lustrous and vivacious sounds as they can be enabled with of woofers and tweeters which are not possible by factory speakers.
If you want to upgrade your car speakers with branded ones first decide on certain things like the size of speakers and affordability. After market car speakers are available in different sizes and at different prices. They are also available in different features and all that one has to decide is which one does fit your in-car environment. If unaware of which system best fits your car, you can contact a professional sound system Installer.
There are many brands available in the and among them the most recommended brands according to average customer reviews are Pioneer, JBL, Kenwood, Infinity, Sony, Polk, Rockford Fostage, Boss, Pyle, Kicker, Mpow, Yamaha.
Out of all the available brands, there are certain brands which got rated as Top 10 best of the best car speakers according to the customers review, product’s market and popularity. The list of all top rated speakers is mentioned here with all specifications so as to make it easier for the customers select the best-suited one to their cars.

Top 10 best of the best car speakers Reviews:

1. Pioneer.
2. JBL.
3. Kenwood.
4. Infinity.
5. Sony
6. Polk
7. Rockford Fostage.
8. Boss
9. Pyle.
10. Kicker.

These above-mentioned speakers are available at different costs, sizes, types and other features to make it easy for the customers choose one depending on their preferences and abilities to buy. Sony, Infinity, Pioneer, JBL, Polk are the brands whose products are mostly sold in online shopping stores.

Top 10 best of the best car speakers PRODUCTS:

Apart from the brands there are some most preferred car speaker products that work extremely well according to average customer rating. The top 10 list of those products is mentioned here to make it easy to select the best fitting product for your car.

1. Pioneer TS-A1675R 6-1/2″ 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers:

Pioneer TS-A1675R Coaxial Car SpeakersPioneer brand is expected to have high quality and give a terrific performance. Under the brand, this is the most sold product with good ratings and reviews. It gives a best performance at comparatively less cost than other brands.
When it comes to performance, it is quite impressive and maintains clarity at both high and low frequencies. It comes in the slimmest form and often people gets confused when it comes to installation. However, it can be installed at the smallest possible areas. This particular TS series product is introduced at the entry level. It has 3-way Coaxial speakers, but its performance is equal to that of 5-way product.

2. JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker:

JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way LoudspeakerThis product under JBL brand comes in second place. It is also a 3-way system that comes in 6.5 inches size.This gives impressive sound quality at both medium and high frequencies that even single bit of music can be clearly heard.

Within a price range, these pair of speakers is the best in its size and performance. Its installation is also very simple and can be installed in less time. It is one of those products that are sold the most in online shopping sites.

3. Rockford Fostage Prime R1693 6 x 9-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Speakers :

Rockford Fostage cRockford Fostage Prime 3-Way Car Speakersomes under the category of top ten for the reason that it is highly durable. It is very impressive and beautiful aesthetically and looks much appealing. These branded speakers are built to give long lasting performance which clearly justifies you spending money on this product.When it comes to music, these are 3-way installers and they will sound absolutely clear at any pitch which is really impressive. In terms of installation, it can be installed easily without the help of any professional installers.

4. Infinity Reference 6032cf (Pair):

Infinity reference is one of the cheapest speaker products that give high-quality performance. It also comes under the Infinity Reference 6032cf (Pair)high rated and most sold product online. In terms of specifications, it is a 2- way, 6.5 inches speakers’ pair. It comes with a different type of dome used in home speakers compared to normal speakers. By using these domes, the power handling capacity of the speakers increases and hence reducing disturbances in the audio. They feature breakthrough engineering and this aspect made them give tough competition in the market. Its sensitivity and adjustability made it the most efficient speakers.

5. Pioneer TS-A6995R 5-Way Loud speaker:

This product ePioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker - Set of 2 xceeds the customer’s expectations when it comes to quality of the sound. This is the updated version of TS-A1675R and if you are looking for the best upgrade with high quality at less cost, this can be the best buy.This is the upgraded version in Pioneer A-Series and the best thing here is its cost which is highly reasonable. Most reviews on this product explain that there is a clear difference in the sound when listened through this product for the very first time. Though it is a 5-way product it can fit in your car very easily. When it comes to the price, being a 5-way system it is available at a highly reasonable price whereas for the same price you get 3-way or 4-way systems in other brands.

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6. Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers:Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers

This particular product of Pioneer comes under D-series that is known for accurate sound reproduction. It is a 2-way sound system that has a particular tweeter design for wider soundstage. Though it is a two-way system, it can produce loud sounds with less distortions, low muffled and detailed, accurate sound with its revolutionary design.It definitely makes sense to in Pioneer brand and occupying three places out of ten clearly shows its quality.

7. Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch Speaker System:

Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch Speaker SystemKenwood’s quality of sound can be definitely compared to the best car speaker and it can become a major upgrade to your car sound system.The best feature of this product is its sensitivity which makes them one of the best speakers to install. These speakers come in 6.5 inches size.

It is built to handle decent music in your car but it cannot handle loud playlists for long periods. So for those people who like decent music can definitely opt for this product.

8. Pyle PL63BL 6.5-Inch 360-Watt 3-Way Speakers (Pair):

Pyle PL63BL 6.5-Inch 360-Watt 3-Way SpeakersThis particular product is also a 3-way product available in 6.5 inches size. But the difference it shows from the other products is its aesthetics. Car speakers from Pyle not just sound good but also look good. Its availability in different shapes and colors make it more appealing to the customers. Those people who want their car to be more modern, this can be your best buy. But there are other brand speakers that give better quality sounds compared to this product. If sound quality is your first concern then this might not be the best choice.

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9. Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers:

Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial SpeakersThis product from Polk has a high sensitivity which means that it can produce louder sounds by consuming less power. This 6.5 inches speaker has two tweeters, which can provide loud sounds at medium and high frequencies without any distortions. Though they lack much of the low-end bass which are available in the best rated speakers, they play balanced audio. These speakers have advanced materials that reduce its weight and hence feature solid reliability.

10. New BOSS CH6530 6.5″ 3-Way Car Audio Speakers:

BOSS CH6530 3-Way Car Audio SpeakersThis product by Boss Audio is the cheapest pair of car speakers under the best list. For its less cost. it is been the best-sold product online. It best suits those who have not experienced the sounds of branded car speakers as it can provide convincing sound. But yes, it is not suitable for an experienced user. It gives reasonable, output which is quite good for its cost. Under increased volumes, a clear distortion can be observed. So on an overall basis, it can be an upgrade to a factory version speakers and is extremely cheap.

So these are the top ten and highly preferred car speaker products rated according to their demand, availability, customer preferences and their share. However, customer preferences vary depending upon their affordability and requirement. From this guide given you can select a car speaker product that fits in your car and best suites your music preferences.

We Hope you liked our article on best car speakers reviews, so its your time which one you would like to buy? do letus in comments section below..